Animals People Rights

For a change in livestock farming and the preservation of effective antibiotics

Growing industrial livestock farming is the most significant obstacle to sustainable agriculture worldwide and is a major contributor to deforestation, climate change, land displacement and hunger. Nevertheless, effective changes have long been prevented by the agricultural and food industry and the German Farmers’ Association. Cheap production in ever larger farms with hundreds of thousands of chickens and tens of thousands of pigs is slowing down animal-friendly and ecologically beneficial advances developed by farmers and science. According to the logic of export-oriented slaughterhouses and dairy plants, environmentally and animal-friendly farms that use domestic feed instead of genetically modified feed are becoming unviable.

The Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit is taking a stand and supports Germanwatch in its efforts for an environmentally friendly and fair agriculture that protects animals and feeds people. The Germanwatch team World Food, Land Use and Trade is working toward a change in livestock farming with the program ANIMAL PEOPLE RIGHTS: We want to promote an agricultural model that respects animals, health, ecology, and social justice worldwide and counters the misuse of antibiotics. This political work focuses on strengthening small-scale farmers and protecting the environment.

Support new impetus for livestock farming and human rights. Your support enables the Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit to allocate funds in a targeted manner and thus ensures the funding of long-term projects that make a real difference.

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Key activities

  • Germanwatch is establishing extraordinary alliances for promoting change in livestock farming practices. Through working with human and veterinary medice, science, health insurance companies and health policy as well as with human rights and consumer organizations, water companies, dairy farmers organic farming associations, development organizations, environmental organizations,  nature conservation groups and the media, Germanwatch seeks to increase political pressure to counter the agricultural industry lobby. When talks slow at the political level, we move debates forward by cooperating with different partners. We seek to quickly and unbureaucratically use opportunities to propagate our good arguments against industrial livestock farming to protect people and animals.

  • We uncover health risks from animal factories! With the help of laboratory tests for antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat and with research on health risks from animal factories, we bring false statements from the agricultural industry to light and into the media.

  • Germanwatch supports citizens’ initiatives against new factory farms and slaughterhouses. Every year we save thousands of chicks and piglets from a painful life in fattening facilities and promote organic agriculture and small-scale farming instead of agricultural factories.

  • Germanwatch illuminates the truth and is a sought-after voice in media discussions, advocating against factory farming and the abuse of antibiotics.