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The Huaraz case

The Andean city of Huaraz (Peru) is threatened by a flood disaster. This is caused by glacial retreat due to climate change. We are backing the people there in a claim for support from a major polluter that contributed to climate change. The lawsuit against RWE is the first of its kind – a person facing the impacts of climate change is demanding that one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in Europe should contribute to protection measures.

Foundations platform F20

In July 2017, the summit of the most important industrial and emerging countries (G20) took place in Hamburg. This provided the impetus for establishing the G20 foundations platform “Foundations 20” by our foundation and the environmental foundation Michael Otto. Today, F20 consists of over 65 foundations, primarily from the G20 countries. They seek to be part of the solution for implementing the 2030 Agenda with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement and positively influence the political discourse. Klaus Milke is currently Chair of Foundations 20.

Theme funds
Animals People Rights

Germanwatch is committed to a fundamental reorientation of livestock farming with the project Animals People Rights. We as the Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit support this approach to achieve an agricultural system that respects animals, health, ecology and social justice worldwide. Combating the misuse of antibiotics plays a central role in this. For an environmentally friendly and fair agriculture that protects animals and feeds people.

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