Matching Learning Curves From Germany And Indonesia 

22.03.2022: Under the headline of “A Just Energy Transition – Matching Learning Curves From Germany And Indonesia”, the virtual event provided an overview of learning curves from Indonesia and Germany on the energy transition including questions such as CO2 pricing, phase out of coal and upscaling renewable energy in the context of G7 and G20. In the uptake of this year’s G7 Presidency of Germany and G20 Presidency of Indonesia, the Foundations Platform F20 brought together a number of global thought leaders from Germany and Indonesia to explore and discuss futureproof pathways to embark on a renewables-based trajectory at the rate necessary to prevent catastrophic climate-change scenarios. 

Klaus Milke, F20 Chair, referred to the current geopolitical situation in his opening speech of the Indonesian German Energy Transition Symposium by stating: “The world is no longer the same. The world order based on international law and sovereignty of states is being called into question on a massive scale … In this situation, we feel more than confirmed with the global Just Energy Transition. The growth of renewables must happen even faster than climate science is already telling us.” Ilham Habibie, F20 Co-Chair, reaffirmed the need of increased efforts and fostering trustful international relationships in these challenging times. 

The statements reflected the topic at stake from a range of different perspectives with representatives coming from politics, business, civil society and academia and echoed the importance of comparing and matching different learning curves when it comes to finding the solution-oriented answers to climate change. As there is no panacea to solving the climate crisis, social factors need to be deliberately taken into account in the energy transition to ensure a cross-cultural sensitive approach in the spirit of leaving no one behind.

The Indonesian – German Energy Transition Symposium identified how far foundations in both countries can be part of the solution and pointed out to the opportunities for upscaling renewable energy and the importance of a just coal phase out.  

All speakers agreed that this year Indonesia in collaboration with Germany has a unique strategic chance to lead the global energy transition efforts. Here, Germany plays a key role to promote international cooperation, dialogue and mutual trust. 

With the event drawing to a close, F20 Secretary General, Stefan Schurig, emphasised the crucial outcome: “Remaining under the 1.5 degrees, still, is a decision. It is not a fade that we go beyond that … and it depends on how we decide on how we will change the energy sector. ”It is within this spirit, that the G20 countries need to demonstrate concrete action and revisit their NDCs to be Paris-aligned with interim targets of renewable energy to make this a reality.  

Photo: Screenshot of the speakers at the virtual symposium.

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