October, 2022

Annual Gathering of German Foundations

Foundations can take more action on climate and sustainability Paneldiscussion with Svenja Schulze, Nina Smidt, Dorothea Sick-Thies and Ilham Habibie; moderation: Christiane Grefe Leipzig, September 2022: Ilham Habibie from The Habibie Center Foundation in Jakarta put it in a nutshell: “We all have to develop new forms of partnership cooperation and raise credibility in view of the climate crisis that [...]

September, 2022

FOUNDATIONS 20 IN INDONESIA : Urgent call from foundations and philanthropy for much more climate action

International climate network of foundations partners cooperates with key civil society actors in Jakarta At this year's main gathering of the international foundation platform F20, the hybrid Climate Solutions Forum, the most pressing global challenges have been discussed in a solutions-oriented, cross-sector dialogue in Jakarta, especially with a very young, Indonesian audience. Once again, following the G7 meeting in late [...]

August, 2022

F20 Climate Solutions Forum 2022 – September 7th to September 8th in Jakarta

Jakarta/Indonesia, September 2022: Foundations Platform F20 and The Habibie Center are pleased to host this year´s (hybrid) F20 Climate Solutions Forum, from Wednesday, September 7th to Thursday, September, 8th in Jakarta together with their Indonesian F20 partners Bina Swadaya Foundation, Wahid Foundation and Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA) Foundation. The F20 Climate Solutions Forum will be also supported by Filantropi [...]

April, 2022

Indonesian – German – Energy Transition Symposium in the context of G7 and G20 in the year 2022

A JUST ENERGY TRANSITION Matching Learning Curves From Germany And Indonesia  22.03.2022: Under the headline of “A Just Energy Transition – Matching Learning Curves From Germany And Indonesia”, the virtual event provided an overview of learning curves from Indonesia and Germany on the energy transition including questions such as CO2 pricing, phase out of coal and upscaling renewable energy in [...]

October, 2021

Successful meeting of the international platform of foundations in Milan: G20 countries must put their words into deeds

Milan, October 1st, 2021. The Foundations Platform F20 consisting of more than 70 foundations mainly from the G20 countries calls upon the G20 Heads of State to act on the global climate crisis and to agree on concrete targets and tools on upscaling renewable energy, protecting biodiversity and the decarbonisation of the global finance markets. At the annual F20 meeting [...]

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